Fuel From Water Project Liberation Technology 2002-2006 Progress Report
“If these new and limitless energy sources are for real, it’s going to change every aspect of human life and mean the end of the fossil fuel age: no more pollution, no more smog, no more oil spills because we won’t be shipping millions of tons of oil around the world. It’s hard to see any disadvantage...” Arthur C.Clarke, ‘It runs on water,’ Equinox, Channel 4, December, 1995

As a vehicle for the transmission of energy hydrogen gas is inexhaustible as well as being environmentally friendly. The Fuel from Water Project is on the point of realising a three-year goal to produce hydrogen in an efficient way so that it can be used in transportation, for generating electricity, as well as for heating and cooking. The Project uses a unique water-splitting reactor which disassociates the two hydrogen atoms from the single oxygen atom in a fashion which is quite different from normal Faraday electrolysis (as well as being safer and more cost-effective.) A number of processes occur in the water-splitting reactor, predominant amongst them being a Nonlinear or negative resistive effect in conjunction with bubble resonance which allows the device to tap into zero point energy. These processes speed up chemical reactions from minimum energy input.In other words they liberate large amounts of hydrogen and oxygen gas in exchange for modest amounts of power which are consumed by the reactor. On the combustion of the hydrogen and oxygen (in an internal combustion engine) the only waste products to be discharged are ionised gases and water vapour which can then be recycled back into the system to be reused. The system is so designed that it does not violate the second law of thermodynamics, being an open rather than a closed loop. So far experimental devices using hydrogen for transport have had to rely on storing hydrogen in high pressure vessels which generate serious safety issues. This system, on the other hand, requires no storage of gases, only the presence of water which is, of course, quite safe. The requisite gas is only produced as and when necessary. Dave Lawton 2004

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