"During times of universal deceit,

telling the truth becomes a

revolutionary act"

George Orwell

The Lord Of The Drones

Written by Heathcote Williams; narration and visual montage by Alan Cox. Handsome Dog Productions, London/New York/Moscow: 

The Problem with Energy saving bulbs also known as Toxic Tubes

The Scope picture on the left shows the Standard tungsten light bulb with no electromagnetic radiation.
The Scope picture in the centre shows Energy saving bulb emitting electromagnetic radiation.Image on the right shows the spectrum of harmonics emitted by Energy saving bulb indicating it`s not even clean.

Non-linear Effects caused by electromagnetic radiation can be shown to be implicated in epilepsy, migraine, rashes and other medical disorders.Past research has shown that brain tissue acts as a very good non-linear coherer or detector of electromagnetic waves.Remember, Energy saving bulbs are Fluorescent Tubes.

As well as toxic mix of mercury and phosphors lining the tubes of these energy saving bulbs, it all sums up to a medical time bomb waiting to go off .It is my considered opinion they should be banned before its to late, and not implimented as this goverment and the EU wishes.Wake up and get out of your Pyjamas.

Dave Lawton 2008

Report On Energy Wasting Lamps click PDF file for download.

What Greenpeace did not want you to see

Yet more problems with these Toxic Tubes,Ultraviolet Radiation

Dave Lawton worked in research in High Energy Particle Physics at Bristol University Physics Dept.
And on the medical effects of electromagnetic radiation.