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Bob`s Bio:
I was born in a poor condition and in a grotesque
shape with my  mother claiming that the doctors had
offered to bump me off.
However the Milk of Human Kindness won out and I was
promptly transferred to  the Intensive Care Unit of a
London hospital that was very shortly wiped out by a
V2 rocket.

I survived that and various outdoor adventures
acquiring a fierce stutter on the way. I passed the
written 11+ examination but failed the oral
examination and so l left school aged 14. I then
started an engineering apprenticeship at a 
Tractor/Crane factory,discovered  the local jazz club
and posh girls. I also discovered  London’s all- night
 Jazz clubs and more interesting people.Becoming
disenchanted with work I moved to London and lived
rough, surviving  by scrounging, scavenging and

Age 18 saw me in a succession of  cheap shared  flats,
involved in petty crime, and the music scene. My 19th 
Birthday  was spent in the nick during a 3 months
sentence. On my release I took up with wealthy girls
and swanked around for 5 years or so.During this time
I was the mystery keeper of a cat called  ‘Procol
Harum’ ,the source of Procol Harum’s name - I mention
this ‘cos thers a whole website that’s devoted to it.

Got fed up with this soft life and drove a van to
Afghanistan to buy sheep-skin coats to sell back in
Europe .This took a year and I got the taste for
living in vans. I already had the taste for Boys’ Own
adventure and drugs.

On a second trip to central Asia I was arrested  en
route to Baghdad on suspicion of spying and was
personally interrogated by Saddam Hussein,  the
recently deceased  boss of Iraq.  More importantly I
met a member of the Mandaean sect who believe that
John the Baptist was Jesus Christ. 
Did  my first Jewellry work with one of these blokes.

Back in London living on a shoe-string through a
customizing motorbike  Biz.

3rd trip to Central Asia ,1937 Ford V8 fast lorry.with
Girlfriend Monica who could cut Patterns and got
involved in successful rag-trade episodes.Lived in
hill  village with horses,Motor bikes,trucks and guns.
After a year or so of that came back to the U.K. No
longer fancied London moved to Wales. Met Heathcote.

Motor cycle crash on Ibiza, months in bed, no income
so started making jewellery.Work sold readily I lived
for a few years from this,sometimes in trucks other
times in houses.Bought a gas-welding kit and started
making things and welding cars.

Living in vans solidly for the past 20 years, work
developed. Now making a variety of stuff
:Cup-hooks,Windmills , Fire-Breathing
Dragon-Cars.About dozen years ago got into teaching
kids and adults and have had the pleasure of seeing a
fair number go on from this start.

Sculptures by Bob Rowberry

Photo Credits Richie Cotterill

Birda Feathergift<CENTER></CENTER> Mirrorball Fishes
Bird a Feather Gift Burned Mirror Ball Fishes cl
Redstarmoon Feathersail Geenflag Painted plane
Red Star Moon Feather Sail Green Flag Painted Plane
Plane Planeshiner Led Sails Rotor Action
Plane Plane Shiner Led Sails Rotor Action
Bubblesblowin Bubble Machine Mortality of Wisdom Crescent Feather
Bubbles Blowin Bubble Machine The Mortality of Wisdom Crescent Feather
TinlidDragon Tinliddragonsm Bob`sHooks Bird Profiler
Tin Lid Dragon Tin Lid Dragon+Bob Bob`s Hooks Bird Profile
Fire Dragon1 Fire Dragon2 Fire Dragon3 Fire Dragon4
Fire Dragon1 Fire Dragon2 Fire Dragon3 Fire Dragon4
GmChickensoup10 Gmchickensoup7 Gmchickensoup3 GMchickensoup10
GM Chicken Soup 2 GM Chicken Soup 3 GM Chicken Soup 7 GM Chicken Soup 10

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