Whenever an insect comes indoors, the insect and the householder suddenly share the same agenda: the insect wants to escape and the householder wants the insect to leave. With the FreeBee any insect can be caught while flying about in mid-air or while buzzing frustratedly up against a window-pane. It can then be taken safely outside and released to pollinate more plants or collect more nectar. Combine doing your little bit for the environment with the thrill of the chase!
Careful with that bug! It's helping deliver $57 billion a year to the U.S., new Cornell study reports
hawk eating grasshopper Aaron Barna This hawk is enjoying a free meal of grasshopper.
What's the dollar value of insects providing wildlife nutrition to recreationally important animals?
$50 billion, reports Cornell entomologist John Losey in the April issue of BioScience.
By Susan S. Lang

Prototype FreeBee


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